Modernature U.S. Pat. No. D772584
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What are people saying?

"Stop throwing your jeans on the floor and buy this hanger instead; it's specially designed to take care of your denim." -Jonathan Evans, Esquire Magazine

"The entire process sucked until now." -Ben Dhal, Cool Material

"If you are like most then you probably find it difficult to truly take care of your jeans. Enter the jean hanger." -High Snobiety

"Say good bye to ironing and wrinkles"

"with over 1 billion pairs of jeans sold every year, this is a product that needs to be in everyone’s closet" -designboom

Simple, easy to use and built to last

The Saldebus Jean Hanger is the solution jean lovers have been wanting since jeans were invented over 100 years ago.

Prolong the life of your favourite denim

Clothes dryers damage your jeans and prematurely wear them out.  Just hang them to dry on the Saldebus Jean Hanger.  Your jeans will last longer and you might not even need to use an iron ever again.